Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a standardized curriculum?

Our approach to learning is based on the Ministry of Education document, “How Does Learning Happen?”. We offer a play based curriculum built upon emerging skills. For more information, please see our Values & Vision.

Where can I find class schedules?

Class schedules are posted on the bulletin board outside the daycare office.

What is the staff to child ratio?

For Pre-School age, the ratio is 1 care giver to 8 children. For Kindergarten, the ratio is 1 care giver to 13 children. For school age, the ratio is 1 care giver to 15 children. There is a minimum of one Early Childhood Educator and one Assisting staff per room.

What are the dietary guidelines for the food provided?

All meals and snacks adhere to the Child Care & Early Years Act, and follow the Canada Food Guide. For more information, please see our nutrition information and sample menus.

Are all staff certified in CPR?

Yes, all staff are CPR trained. We also have 2 specialized safety representatives.

My child needs medication during the day. Can the daycare administer this?

The daycare staff can administer medication. However, there are permission forms and instruction forms to be filled out first. Please visit the office to fill out the necessary paperwork.

Yes! We ask that you provide diapers and supplies in your child’s cubby.

Will my child be cared for by a female or male employee?

Kew Beach Daycare is an equal opportunity employer. All functions and all roles are performed by qualified, professional staff of all genders.

Do I really need to provide indoor shoes?

Yes! The kids get mucky outside, and all children must have a pair of indoor shoes to wear in the classrooms. This can be comfortable sneakers or slippers. No flip flops please.